Wednesday, July 12, 2017



1.                 We Know There is HOPE: A True Father/Daughter Story
2.                 You Are Perfect
3.                 Toughness vs. Love
4.                 For the Love of Kids
5.                 Intrinsic vs. Extrinsic Motivation
6.                 The Unknown Stranger: A True Story
7.                 The Healing Power of Nature
8.                 Empathic & Wise Leadership
9.                 The Spirit of Cooperation for the Common Good
10.            War, Peace, Love & Education
11.            The Importance of Education in Achieving World Peace
12.            A Holistic Approach To Health
13.            Message for Our World

          About the Author


The book is a collection of short articles and true stories written with the hope of inspiring a positive approach to one’s journey through life.

I shall share stories and articles that present Messages of Hope for individuals and families who are suffering.  Some of the Messages are intended to be powerful positive guidance for politicians who are involved in drafting policies that affect all life on this planet.

My hope is that these Messages will offer insight that will result in increased cooperation between all members of society and, in doing so, lead to a greater positive co-operation between individuals and country … for the "common good" of humanity and our planet.

Over the years, I have sent several of these messages to hundreds of individuals, politicians and media reporters throughout North America.
The Messages/Chapters are not placed in any particular arrangement, therefore they can be read in the order of your choice, depending on which title connects with you at any moment.

You might be drawn to the Message: “The Spirit of Cooperation for the Common Good”…a message which can assist politicians who are involved in the process of making important decisions for the citizens of their country.  Or perhaps you will be drawn to the Message: “You Are Perfect” which will assist individuals and families who are dealing with emotional issues.

We can learn how to suffer less by turning our experiences of pain and suffering into the creation of a human being with greater understanding, compassion and loving-kindness towards self and others. We can learn to know and experience a life of joy and happiness. This is not an illusion…this is a noble truth.

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